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Howdy, my name is Casey M. Bodine.

I have been living in the Seattle & Tacoma area my entire life. 

I am known in throughout the Seattle metropolitan area, as a handheld camera operator and licensed drone pilot.

l work for multiple major sports teams in the area such as, The Seattle Mariners, Tacoma Rainiers, Seattle Thunderbirds, and many more.

I have been honored for my work by being featured on the Seattle Thunderbirds website, and being turned into a comic book super hero for the Tacoma Rainiers as Eagle Eye.

Aside from the sports broadcasting world, I have had the opportunity to help out on other types of productions such as, American GritMonster Energy's Recoil 3, plus a few other televised commercials.

If you're interested in working together, please feel free to contact me at,

Hear from you soon.

-Casey Bodine

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